It's a bit like Resident Evil...except there's only one zombie 3.25.2010
It's all gotten a little quiet here at Horror-Web... which creeps me out, considering The Undead Review hasn't been seen lately... I'm just waiting for him to pop up from around the corner. Fortunately he's slow, and I have much experience with zombie killing.

Before he disappeared though, he had time for a fist full of reviews. In movies: Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever, Return of the Living Dead 4, Return of the Living Dead 5: Rave to the Grave, and Mulberry Street. He also read Fangoria Issue #291, House of Windows, Strange Magic and Scattered Ashes.

Worried he might be hiding out in the Horror-Web mansion somewhere, I escaped to the theater for safety and watched Alice in Wonderland and Shutter Island while I was there.

Hopefully we find him soon... I'd rather not have a zombie infested house.

Today coulda been a Leap Day 3.01.2010
I think someone sneaks in and changes my calendar. Because I know it can't possibly have been three weeks since I updated this intro section. And then I peruse the non-updated items and see that there are quite a number of updates. Apparently it has indeed been three weeks since I updated here.

With the addition of new staff, we are resuming a long neglected area of Horror-Web. Interviews. You know you love them. And artistic and creative people (especially writers) LOVE to talk about themselves. I wanted to spice it up a bit, so I revamped the overall look of the interview page. So, without further ado here is the new interview section And it comes with that new webpage smell and two (count them with me. . . TWO) brand new author interviews. Interview #1 is by Little Miss ZomCon. She did an interview with Alexandra Sokoloff. Interview #2 is by SmartNDeadly She did an interview with Michael West.

Lets take a baby step from there. When there is a relevant game, we try and review these as well. I came across a game that screamed out REVIEW ME. Not being one to deny the random pleadings of inanimate objects, I jumped headfirst into the game. What game I hear you asking: Plants vs. Zombies by Popcap Games.

Sticking with areas that have just a few recent updates we look at the blog. Little Miss Zomcon added a blog. And if you haven't checked the older blogs, put that index finger to work on something other than clicking and scroll that wheel.

In this day and age, magazines have morphed a bit. There are still the traditional ones, but there is also a surge in online magazines. The_Undead_Review got his rapidly decomposing little mitts on the latest Rue Morgue (issue#97) while Little Miss ZomCon went digital with Deadlines#3.

And now for some visual stimulation. A bit of eye candy (although to be honest some candies really suck. Who decided that sour was a good candy flavor anyway?) That is in no way a segue into into Flunky's Supernatural reviews. But here is the link to her ongoing project. From there she moved on to Dorian Gray. And then we had an onslaught from the undead corner. The_Undead_Review will start in Pakistan with Hells Ground. From there he moves to Germany for Blitzkrieg: Escape from Stalag 69. Then he meanders into the backwoods of Arkansas for The Legend of Boggy Creek. Moving to Iowa he finds kinship with The Crazies The Crazies. How could he get through any length of time without some real zombie movies? A pair of them even: Day of the Dead (2009) and Return of the Living Dead 3 And I almost forgot Fright Flick. I haven't been entirely idle. Check out my Wolfman review.

Only one area left untouched. Books.
PennyDreadful is a new reviewer who makes her debut with a splash. Several matter of fact:A Local Habitation by Seanan McGuire, The Strain by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan, The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters, Her Fearful Symmetry by Audry Niffenegger, Roadkill by Rob Thurman. SmartNDeadly checked out Skull Full Of Kisses by Michael West. The_Undead_Review found time for a couple of books as well: Ghostly Tide by Simon Wood and Best Horror of the Year from NightShade edited by Ellen Datlow.

Is it possible that I am done? My list says so. Well, until the next task I shall bid you all a merry Christmas to all. Wait, my calendar needs the page turned. . .

Bloody MonkeyZ

Invasion of the Undead 2.10.2010
As you may or may not have noticed, we have a brand new reviewer - The Undead Review! And good lord has he been busy.

In books he did The New Dead and The Sticks. And he's watched more movies in the last week and a half than my brain can really comprehend... Thirst, Edges of Darkness, Sublime, The Last of the Living, Pandemic, Isle of the Damned, Legion, Pandorum, The Return of the Living Dead AND Return of the Living Dead 2.

Of course, not to be shown up, I finally got off my ass and caught up with SPN reviews.

Clearly, the rest of us need to become better at keeping up with a zombie.

Recent Stuff 1.13.2010
There have been updates and changes happening in the world of Horror-Web. Some content updates since last this area was updated. . .

Flunky has brought the Hollywood Horror section up to date. No easy task as this incorporates DVDs, television and of course theatrical releases.

I have done a review of the movie Martyrs. A subtitled film that was quite shocking, I must say.

Little Miss Zomcon continues to read and review as well. With 3 reviews posted since the last update. No Doors, No Windows by Joe Schreiber. Skin Medicine by Tim Curran. Mr. Gaunt & Other Uneasy Encounters by John Langan.

And finally, we have new blood coming on board for a new year. Dawn Nikithser will be gracing us with her presence. She will be reviewing under the name Penny Dreadful. So keep an eye out as we begin to heat up as we try and thaw out from the winter doldrums

Bloody MonkeyZ

Sometimes life gets in the way 1.05.2010
For the past two months I have been almost entirely absent from the pages of Horror-Web. I know I posted something along these lines a month ago. I had been hoping that things would get easier. Hasn't happened. Yet.

Today is a day like every other. But in the short time that I have been running Horror-Web, I have learned that every day that goes by when I can't be active really bothers me. October was a wonderful month for the site and for me. I loved working my ass off getting all those updates and posts out there for everyone.

In a way cool potentially related issue, the museum received 13 original pieces of art from the Goosebumps book series. We are working on figuring out how to exhibit them. But hopefully there will be some Goosebumps related activities that we launch. The coup that we are hoping for would be having the artist (Tim Jacobus) and the author (RL Stine) come out for a weekend at the museum. If that happens, I plan on doing some large scale Goosebumps related piece for horror-web.

Bloody MonkeyZ


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