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The director of Spirits’ Homecoming, Cho Jung-Rae had been motivated to come up with the film about the Comfort Women in World War II and the horrors that they have faced every day. His inspiration sparked in 2002 by a simple doodle of the Burning Women created by Kang Il-Chul during therapy in a shelter for the elderly. Cho was a volunteer at the House of Sharing during that time.

Comfort women (read also Comfort Women by sciencespo.fr) is a term used to describe many women and girls who were pushed to work as sex slaves at that time. There could be roughly 200,000 Korean women who were either abducted or lured by false recruitment. To this date, there are only very few of these women who are still alive to tell their stories.

The film was entitled Spirits’ Homecoming, first released on February 24th of 2016. It was overwhelming to have seen many people watch the movie that totaled to more than 1.7 million viewers in South Korea alone.

The launch of the movie comes after the milestone December agreement between the two nations to finally and also irreversibly solve the problem with an apology from the Japanese to the women. Along with the apology is a fund amounting to 1 billion yen to support the victims.

The matter had affected relationships between the two nations. Several South Koreans, which includes a few of the victims, are at odds with the agreement, stating the federal government had was not given the honor to accept any kind of apology for the victims.

A Movie Worth-watching, Fourteen Years In The Making

The movie has acquired good reviews in South Korea that averaged to 9.52 from 10 viewer ratings. The movie has also been shown previews in the United States and in Japan.

Even though Cho created the concept for the film over a decade ago, the absence of investors suggested filming wouldn’t commence until the Spring of 2015. Over fifty percent of production expenses were financed by 75,270 people making donations totaling to almost 1.2 billion won.

Film About Comfort Women Tops Box Office In Korea