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Sony a6500 Mirrorless Camera mounted on a gimbal


What is the very ideal movie camera to get younger filmmakers?

Among several gift ideas for 14-year-old boys you can find at medium.com/@playtime/best-gift-ideas-for-14-year-old-boys-a3c580dbfddb, a video camera will most likely be perfect. And if you would like a ‘real’ video camera, then a fundamental HD camera is a fantastic selection for kids under 12. It is going to be less painful to film with than a smartphone, and they’re able to learn about various lens configurations. But they will have to copy the records into your personal computer for editing.

Teens may use a greater quality camera: All These really are much better at low light, and provide more innovative choices.

For young men and women that are seriously interested in creative filmmaking, a mirrorless camera or even DSLR could possibly be the very ideal alternative.

However, for filming events and news, a utilized semi-professional camera may be improved.

As an alternative, you may use a mobile device such as an iPhone, iPad, or even iPod touchscreen. They’ve got better cameras than fundamental camcorders, and you’re able to take and edit to precisely exactly the exact identical device.

If you presently have an iPhone, then you might be better away kitting out it for filmmaking instead of purchasing another video camera.

Camcorders for under-12s

HD camcorders are an effortless means to take high-quality video. They are simple to handhold and the majority of them feature much greater picture stabilization than tablets and phones. Panasonic and Canon camcorders come in reliability polls. You do not require 4K Ultra HD, which most computers will fight to edit.

The Panasonic HC-V180K prices around £170. It’s little, searchable, and includes a fantastic wide-angle lens and optical image stabilization. Additionally, it may take time-lapse and slow movement.

Cameras for adolescents

The Panasonic V770 delivers a fantastic collection of features for below £350. It’s a mic socket, with an accessory shoe, a filter ring, 120fps slow movement, and superb picture stabilization.

DJI Osmo Pocket

DJI’s miniature caked camera allows you to capture smooth tracking shots and continuous static shots in virtually any condition. Additionally, it is great for actions and can take 4K slow movement. It includes an integrated touchscreen, or you’re able to control it in the smartphone. It is a fantastic option for a camera (although it does not have a zoom lens, also it has to be treated with caution).


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Mirrorless cameras and DSLRs

Teens that are badly into filmmaking may favor an interchangeable lens mirrorless camera or DSLR. They are more difficult to use than simply cousins, but their graphics seem more ‘film-like’, they are better at low light, also you’ll be able to get creative shallow attention impacts.

Panasonic’s G7 prices underneath £450, but it might take 4K Ultra HD movie, also a 1080p slow-mo capability. It’s a mic jack but no headset socket. It is mirrorless, making it bigger and simpler to work with compared to DSLR. But there is no picture stabilization, and that means you’ll undoubtedly require a tripod.

Over £500

If you are spending more than £500, you can think about a mid-sized DSLR or even a mirrorless camera. Even the Panasonic G80 is much more solidly constructed than the G7 and contains a much better kit lens and image stabilization.

You might also start looking for a secondhand semi-professional camera such as the Canon XA10 or even XA20. All these have improved controls, audio, and handling than DSLR or even mirrorless cameras, making them suitable for events and news.

What else you want

I suggest budgeting for a fundamental tripod: the movie looks much better with no camera shake. You will also require memory cards, along with a spare battery may be helpful.

If audio is important, get a camera with a mic socket. You are able to use a funding lavalier (clip-on) mic for demonstrations of the camera.


Great Camera Ideas for Teen Filmmakers