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Anyone who is interested in a particular film will sooner or later come across a film review of the film. In it, film enthusiasts or critics deal with the film and spread their opinion on the film.

But how do you actually write such a review? Which points should you definitely pay attention to and what should you go into if you want people to see review?

How to Write a Movie Review

All film reviews are generally different. There are no templates or regulations to adhere to. Every film review is different, there is no right or wrong.

This also applies to the length of the text. Some reviews are half a page, some are three pages. Nevertheless, there are always typical elements that you can find in many film reviews.

Write a film review: the title

A good film review always has a title. The easiest option is to simply use the film title for the title of the review. However, extensions, additions or subtitles are more exciting and more inviting to read.

Writing a film review: the introduction

As an introduction, it is a good idea to start with general information about the film. These can be financial aspects, awards or other reviews or film reviews, for example.

Writing a film review: the main part


At the beginning of the main part, one should begin with a brief summary of the plot. You should make sure that the story is understandable for readers who have not seen the film. At this point, it is not advisable to go into specific scenes or moments in the film, but rather to concentrate on the actual plot. Is the story interesting, believable or rather extraordinary?

The next step is to deal with the actors and their characters and to write something about their performance. If you want, you can give reasons, for example, as to whether and why you could identify with certain characters or maybe not. Are the actors believable and personable or rather implausible and boring?

Writing a film review: the final part

For the final part, it makes sense to write a conclusion and either recommend the film or advice against it. It is also advisable to briefly address the target group: Is it a film for tennis rodents, women, men or the whole family?

Here it is particularly important that the conclusion is logical and based on the previous statements. A good text always tells a story. And in a story, the ending is always of particular importance. You should also bear this in mind when reviewing a film.

How Do You Write A Film Review?
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