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Winning a lottery jackpot — and determining how to spend it makes for a fun movie plot. We have recorded the all-time best films about winning lotto results, which means it is possible to feel the thrill of choosing a winning ticket.

When I Had a Million

This classic tells the story of a steel tycoon that decides to give a million dollars to each of eight strangers randomly chosen in the telephone book. This strategy is not just about altruism: he is preventing his inheritance away from slipping into the hands of the greedy family. The lucky recipients incorporate an older woman, an entertainer, a marine and an office clerk. When these winners did not really win the lottery, the movie demonstrates how all those recipients use their newfound luck, and how it affects their lives.

It Can Happen to You

Based on an Unbelievable true story, the movie It Would Happen to You stars Nicolas Cage as a New York police officer and Bridget Fonda as a waitress. The pair wind up winning the lottery, dividing the money and Falling for each other. While the assumption is based on fact, the true-life twosome did not really fall in love. They do stay friends — and rich ones, at that — for the day.

Welcome to Me

This dark comedy starring Kristen Wiig tells the story of Alice Klieg, a young girl with Borderline Personality Disorder who strikes it big in the lottery. Flush with her winnings ($86 million, to be precise ) Alice stops accepting her psychiatric medicine and pays for her own chat show, motivated by Oprah. Suffice it to state the fame-hungry Alice lacks Oprah’s art, but her misadventures make for outstanding comedy.

Movies about Lottery Winning
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