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Today, big cinematographers such as Emmanuel Lubezki and also Ed Lachman are most of a draw to serious moviegoers as the directors they do the job with.

Presently, Roger Deakins’ outstanding work in the aesthetically stunning “Blade Runner 2049” has resulted in one persistent question overall: Will Roger eventually win the Oscar? within the more impressive aspects of Deakins’ achievement is the use of color: Virtually every single shot has a different color scheme.

It seems like something we have never ever seen before, How can today’s best cinematography compare against the fantastic color motion pictures of the past?

Cinematography’s history

Since the early on the 20th century, there have constantly been experimentations using color cinematography, but it wasn’t right until the late ’30s,

With films extending from 1947 to 2011, from experts like Jack Cardiff to Lubezki, here are our picks for movies with the most effective color cinematography of all-time.

Of the excellent studio era cinematographers, Brit DP Jack Cardiff was unique in the impression that his work enhanced in the transition to color after years of operating in monochrome. The self-taught specialist used the great professionals, like Vermeer, as his model in making his light on the stage yet in the hands of Cardiff their spiritual anxiety gets real – with images that move the viewers to a cinematic universe that feels like it’s placed somewhere between paradise and the edge of Earth.

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The cinematography of Roger Deakins


Movies With The Greatest Cinematography In The History