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The film industry always has new tricks up their sleeves to capture the audience’s attention. The world is ever-changing, so are the likes and interests of the viewers when it comes to their taste in movies. If you are going to ask a bunch of moviegoers in the past to know what they like the most about watching movies, it would be totally different from how the new generation prefers to see the movies.

With this, we should expect that the techniques that cinematographers use to create movie scenes have already developed throughout the years. It is very likely that even in the last decade, filmmakers have adapted new cinematography tricks as they follow the latest trends. What mainly dictates what is in or out in movies today is the audience itself, and cinematographers would be glad to oblige to the viewers’ preference.

Of course, that is without compromising the cinematographer’s artistry or creative freedom in showing a new kind of movie experience to the fans.

Cinematographers May Opt To ‘Go Back To Basics’ For The Viewers’ Satisfaction

Remember how stoked the moviegoers were back in the 70’s and the 80’s when some of the biggest blockbuster movies in history like “Aliens” and “E.T.” hit the theaters? The movement of extraterrestrial beings is so realistic, and it appeared on screen that there are actual aliens and monsters acting with the human actors. That is all thanks to practical effects, where cinematographers would use very life-like props to deliver a jaw-dropping scene. The streak of using practical effects continued well into the 90’s, with “Jurassic Park” knocking everyone off their feet.

Entering the new millennium, filmmakers tried something new by using less practical effects and relying more on CGI special effects. Everything that happens on screen is a product of a graphics artist, and there will be no further need of constructing gigantic animatronics to act like monsters or giants. A CGI expert could easily create a virtual puppy running around a room, and people would actually thought that an actual pupper is there. Although, a CGI puppy will not be as cute and loveable as those from Pomsky – 12 Surprising Facts About Pomeranian Husky Mix. The movie junkies embraced this new fad, until in the previous years, cinematographers kind of felt like the CGI is not working that much to capture the audience’s interest. Yes, there were improvements in the use of CGI technology, but many fans thought that the modernized CGI is taking away the realism from the scenes. With this, practical effects have slowly made a comeback over the past few years .


New Tricks In Cinematography That Will Change The Film Industry In The 2020’s