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 Topic: Albert Fish  (Read 1780 times)

Albert Fish « 04/15/07 at 4:24pm » Quote | Modify
It’s not often that I watch documentaries when I’m not in school or channel surfing and happen to land on the History Channel.  Not that I have anything against documentaries, they’re just not something I seek out.  Maybe I should start…
Albert Fish tells the horrific true story of a sadomasochistic cannibal and serial killer, who lured children to their deaths in Depression-era New York City.  Elderly but still deadly, Fish distorted biblical tales by taking the stories of pain, punishment, atonement and suffering literally as he preyed on victims to torture and sacrifice…
… From John Borowski, award-winning director of H.H. Holmes: America’s First Serial Killer, comes the first docudrama and definitive chronicle of the life and times of cannibal Albert Fish.  Adding insight to the account are interview with artist and Odditorium owner Joe Coleman and renowned true-crime author Katherine Ramsland, Ph.D.

Wow, that was long.  I feel like a commercial now… Oh well, pressing ever forward.
Entertainment value is sort of a tough thing to judge on something “educational.”  I mean, there are no explosions, or scantily clad women or giant lizards smashing Tokyo into pieces (or giant turtles, whatever floats your boat er... smashes your building in this case), but were you expecting any?  If you were, I think you’re on the wrong floor.  Explosions is the next one up.  Like, I said, I don’t watch many documentaries, but I was absolutely absorbed while watching Albert Fish.  It’s like back in 5th grade when you FINALLY got to learn about something neat in school and for one grading period you actually got A’s in history.
I don’t really have much to say about the acting.  Everybody did well, especially Harvey Fisher (voice of Albert Fish) and the narrator Tony Jay (you may know him from such films as Time Bandits and Beauty and the Beast).  Mr. Jay’s voice has always creeped me out and he was an excellent choice for the narration of this film.
I enjoyed the music, but it wasn’t anything I’m going to rush out and try and hunt down the soundtrack for.  Too intrusive in some places, not intrusive enough in others, but that’s all a matter of taste.
I didn’t notice while I was watching, but later when I was going over some of the production stills I realized that the cinematography for this movie is absolutely beautiful.  The colors and lighting were just amazing.  I’m drooling a little bit sitting over here thinking about it.
I kind of wish there had been more interviewees, but I’m really not going to hold it against the movie.  Overall, it was quite an excellent work.  I’ll recommend it to anyone who’s interested in getting into the minds of and learning more about serial killers along with anyone who enjoys the horror genre and documentaries. (And once more, with feeling like a commercial) If you’re really truly interested, check out albertfishfilm.com.  Four and a half stars and a smiley face from Flunky.

Posted by:  Flunky   The Big Bad   Posts: 148
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