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Cinematography could simple be defined as filming motions of different subjects. Just like photography, it requires skills, focus, and of course a lot of equipment.

Skills can always be developed. One might not have the skill for cinematography before having a professional training, others might already have it even without a training. It depends. But with the right amount of perseverance and determination, anyone can have the skill and improve from time to time.

Focus is very important. No matter what you are doing, if you do not focus or you do not have focus, things will never work out fine. This is one of the most significant element in everything. Focus means exerting effort and making sure of balancing everything (if ever you got a lot of things to do aside from filming), maintaining focus despite of having so much tasks on your list is always possible. Doing one thing at a time has its advantage when it comes to having and maintaining focus, but multi-tasking will definitely go a long way and keep in mind that doing a couple of things at a time does not mean that you are not maintaining focus but it is a gift that will take people to the top.

Equipment is given when it comes to cinematography. Different cameras, lights, and things that are useful and convenient for taking films are  expected to be seen in a set where one is directing or shooting a film. These equipment are investment on part of a cinematographer. Equipment could really be pricy, but seeing the value of your work will make every cent spent for the equipment worth it. Just do not forget that equipment also have maintenance. And if one needs to be fixed, search for the Top AR Burnaby and have the equipment fixed immediately.


The Cinematography Essentials
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