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Even before having kids, going to the cinema is actually a no-brainer. You loved the actor or the movie billboard was great, so you decided to see it. Basic. But if you have little children, you need to put a bit extra insight into a visit to the cinema, primarily the first time you go. Below are some suggestions for making the first attempt to the theater a memorable experience to you and your kids.

Know whether your child is really willing to watch on a big screen. What’s the best age to bring kids to their first movie? The truth is, it depends on them. Several children watch their first movie around the age of 4 or 5, but there are parents who are willing to wait until the children are older, particularly if they’re get easily irritated by loud noises or terrified of the dark. Some even just buy toys or gifts for 11 year old girls if they think the kid is not ready yet.

Pick the appropriate movie. Certainly, you need something kid-appropriate– typically, the animation is the best choice. But also choose movies that are shorter than the average movie. These types of films aren’t always being offered in the mall theater, but always check for limited screenings at art home movies, temples, or institutions where they offer classic kids’ films on the big screen.

Don’t mind the ads and the trailers. Several theaters show plenty of advertisements before the story. Children below  8 aren’t able to differentiate promotion from the movie per se. Aside from that, movie trailers are usually more powerful and faster compared to the film, which can be a dangerous introduction to the drama.

Plan it perfectly. The majority of youngsters are at their best during the day, so a theater’s first screening can be an excellent time to go — and it’s normally packed with other children who won’t mind if your kid speaks through the whole film (for more adult kids, teach proper behavior– no talking, no games, no standing up for nothing). Ensure they are well-fed and plan in advance if you’ll be purchasing popcorn or candy so you will not have to buy while the movie is playing.

Tips If You Are Planning to Bring your Kids to the Cinema