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First and foremost it is about the appearance, soft skills and know-how. Costs are usually incidental. A good camera team or a good cameraman knows different situations and knows how to deal with them. There are many creative free spirits and old bunnies in the business. These people are certainly absolutely capable of doing what they do.

Optics is the be-all and end-all

It’s not always just skills that count. It is often the mere appearance that counts. In short, this is about the fact that in certain areas there are unwritten laws around clothing. Good staff knows this. With the CEO of a DAX company, a good team or a good cameraman will not appear in jeans.

Soft skills are the be-all and end-all

This includes dealing with you, but also with your customers or your staff. Do you book a cameraman or camera team for a trade fair appearance? Then it is desirable if everyone does not just treat you well. The team must also interact with your trade fair staff. Or with external technicians at the trade fair. The more eloquent, sensitive and situation-related the manners are, the more pleasant the entire film production becomes. This is where your good level of human knowledge comes into play. This will help you find out how affable the people you want to implement a project with are.


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Know-how is the be-all and end-all

But don’t hang eloquence too high. Don’t get swayed. In the end, competence always counts. Can the cameraman or team handle his own technique in any situation? Is the experience there? Are everyone as creative as your project needs? In short: Do cameramen or camera men have the know-how to give you the best result? You can also get this from the references.

Good cameramen think with

You run a smaller film production and hire an editor from your company. Be sure to use a cameraman who thinks along! This is essential. Experience shows that the majority of film productions in the business sector do not take place with huge teams. The cameraman should be able to judge whether what is happening in front of the camera was good. In every respect. He judges neither sound nor light nor anything other than his own image. During the recording, he cannot pay attention to everything at the same time. However, he should discuss the light together with the lighting technician. He should also assess the admission for fundamental usefulness. He rarely gives substantive tips. This task is performed by the editor. However, it assesses whether the recording works, is editable and usable.

Of course, it is always better to use a professional for each individual area. The reality is different. Many companies and agencies operate on certain budgets. It is often not possible for a cameraman to work exclusively as a cameraman and to care about everything else. If you want to make an impressions film of your event, you will rarely have an extra editor or director. He relies on the cameraman to look for the right scenes. This distinguishes a cameraman in the business sector from feature film or advertising film cameramen.

What makes a good cameraman or a good camera team?
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