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The written word is one of the most powerful tools the genre has to assault our imaginations, invade our nightmares, and reward our curiosity. Many of the genre's new voices, as well as all your old favorites, are coming from the small press these days. We've given Written in Blood a facelift to reflect that, and help you better locate the people responsible for so many nightmares!!

Attention Authors & Publishers!

If you have news you'd like posted in our News & Rumors section, press releases or other such information, please email the information to news@horror-web.com with the subject line "News/Rumors - WIB"
If you are a small press publisher, or author with a book coming out from one of them, and would like to be spotlighted on this page, contact admin@horror-web.com. [Note: "Traditional" Small Press only--no vanity press or self-publish houses. Thank you.]


WHC2008 Banner


by Ray Garton

They are out there, waiting in the shadows even in the highest places. The predators who stalk the weakest, most vulnerable members of society.

A burned out tabloid reporter and a bestselling true crime writer are about to stumble upon a dark conspiracy.... and a man who thought he believed in nothing discovers how high a price he will pay to save the innocent...the damned...the Shackled.


Order it now!! Bloodletting Press Top of page


Dark Ride
by Michael Laimo

Dark Ride is a brand new signed limited hardcover collection of short fiction by one of the brightest young writers in the genres of horror and dark fantasy. These stories range from the horrific to the surreal, and prove Michael Laimo to be a compelling stylist and relentless storyteller. None have been collected previously and some are original to this volume. It features an introduction by Brian Keene and is signed by him, as well as the author.

Tales range from the playful, such as “Aftermath,” to the extreme, as in “The Exploitations of George Frederick Leighton,” and the oddly experimental “I Exude in Partials.” In addition, a new novelette, “The Startling Supplements to Brione Heloise’s Depictions” appears here for the first time. Written as an homage to the work of H. P. Lovecraft, it reveals yet another aspect of Laimo’s admirable talent.

Order it now!! Borderlands Press Top of page


Just Past Sunset
by Stephen King

The long awaited Just Past Sunset will be Stephen King's first collection in SIX years and some of the stories include: The Gingerbread Girl, "Harvey's Dream," "Graduation Afternoon," "The New York Times at Special Bargain Rates," a very long brand new story called "N", and many others!

We'll have more details soon, but even if you've already read some of these stories, this will be a major publishing event and you're not going to want to miss it. And if you haven't kept up with King's short stories lately, this 400+ page collection is an easy way to catch up with over a dozen of them for one low price!

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by Brian Lumley

Charlie Trace, professional thief, is no stranger to deceit and violence. But nothing in his life on the knife-edge of London's Underworld could prepare him for the horror of Demogorgon.

It is centuries old: Satan is its lord and master. It walks the earth in the guise of a man, but it is not a man: it is the very essence of evil. Across many years and nations, Demogorgon has sown the seeds of hell...now, it is calling its children home. Demogorgon's power grows with every soul it devours—and if Charlie Trace can't stop it, he will be its next victim!

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Midnight on Mourn Street
by Christopher Conlon

Reed Waters is the sort of middle-aged man few people notice. He's quiet, polite, solitary. He doesn't call attention to himself. Ever.

Reed Waters has a secret.

Mauri Dyson is a teenaged runaway, impetuous and explosive. She lies, she steals, she prostitutes herself. Whatever it takes to survive.

Mauri Dyson, too, has a secret.

When Mauri bursts into Reed's life one rain-soaked night she sets in motion a series of events that will spiral out of control, taking the two of them through tears and terror to the brink of madness ... and a confrontation that will change them both forever.

William F. Nolan calls Christopher Conlon "a modern master." George Clayton Johnson refers to him as "a consummate literary artist." Read Conlon's stunning debut novel, MIDNIGHT ON MOURN STREET, and find out why.

All the introductions he’s written for his own works, all the forewords and afterwords he’s written on other people’s works, and essays and articles written for magazines on the horror genre and other topics. Furthermore, from Barker’s personal archives: a couple of unpublished pieces, including an unused self-penned introduction to Volume 1 of the BOOKS OF BLOOD from 1983, written from the point of view of a demon interviewing Clive Barker. This collection features a new foreword by Barker, an introduction by the Stokes, and new illustrations by Barker. The numbered and lettered edition will contain bonus material: cover images for the majority of publications in which the nonfiction pieces were first published.

If you haven’t read any of Barker’s nonfiction, you’ll find that it’s just as compelling, enjoyable, and well-written as his fiction. These pieces cover the inspirations for his works, insights into the creative process, and musings on art and the horror genre. Not currently scheduled to be published anywhere else, don’t miss this landmark collection from a modern master of horror and dark fantasy.

Order it now!! Earthling Top of page


by James A. Moore

There are rumors that Golden Cove is haunted. That's why Joe Bierden and his crew are hired to take a group of scientists to the area for a month of research. For Joe, it's easy money. He plans to do a little fishing, some relaxing and simply enjoy the easiest gig of his life.

At least that's the plan. Sometimes easy money isn't as easy as you expect. There are things moving in the water, and ghostly apparitions which seem undeniably real.

Joe's problems get worse when he and his crew save a drowning girl who disappears only minutes later, and the scientific team captures an aquatic monster that appears almost...human. They drag it aboard and take it back to shore for experimentation, realizing only too late that the monster has a family who wants it back.

A very, very big family.

All the whispers about Golden Cove and its strange inhabitants are as true today as they were when the little fishing village had a different name and a truly dark reputation. Those who thought that the horror in Innsmouth had been vanquished one-hundred years ago were wrong.

And it just might cost Joe and his colleagues their lives.

Deeper: Sometimes there's nowhere to go but down.

The order page also includes a FREE downloadable short story from James A. Moore entitled DEAR DIARY. This story is not directly related to DEEPER, but it does involve a minor character from the novel. Enjoy!

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by Edward Lee

Crick City is a small hick town. Violent, mean and dirt-poor, it's a place nobody wants to call home.

But for homicide cop Phil Straker, it is home. And now someone—or something—is turning his boyhood town into a bloody sideshow of mutilation and gruesome carnage.

They're called Creekers. Centuries old, driven by rage and lust for revenge, they move through the deep, dark woods— deformed, shadowy outcasts with twisted faces and blood-red eyes. Now, as the moon hangs low over their ancient house, they're gathering for a harvest of terror and death Crick City will never forget...

Order it now!! Necro Publications Top of page


Jesus Coyote
by Harold Jaffee

Building on the mayhem created by the controversial but critically acclaimed collection 15 Serial Killers Jaffe's Jesus Coyote goes one step further. This docufictional novel based on the Manson murders proves that, just like his coyote totem, the myths around Manson hold irrevocable power. In one swooping panoramic arc, with the bloody killings at its center, Jaffe captures the perspectives of Manson, his devotees, the prosecutors, the victims and their mourners while firing a shot against the hypocrisy of institutionalized "morality."

Order it now!! Raw Dog Screaming Press Top of page

Join the Book Club for Savings!
Every month, you will receive the two newest Horror titles for the low price of $8.50,* a $4.50 savings! You have a 10-day examination period and can return any books you don't want to keep. There is no minimum number of books to buy, and you may cancel membership at any time.

This Month:

Cuts, by Richard Laymon
Many people have a hobby that verges on obsession. Albert Prince’s obsession happens to be cutting people, especially pretty girls. There’s nothing he loves more than breaking into a stranger’s house and letting his imagination—and his knife—run wild. Albert’s on the run now, heading cross-country, but he’s not about to stop having fun....

A pregnant young woman, a teacher, a librarian, an aging Southern belle, a famous writer and a budding actress. All of them have troubles and all of them are looking for something in their lives. Unfortunately, what they’ll find isn’t necessarily what they wanted. What many of them will find instead is Albert and his very sharp knives.

Fires Rising, by Michael Laimo
The church waits in darkness. It looks abandoned, forgotten. It has no congregation, but it is not empty. Under its floor, in a pit dug long ago, lies a wooden crate that was never meant to be unearthed. But the church is finally being renovated and workmen have found the pit. How could they realize what they have done? How could they know the forces they’ve unleashed?

Father Pilazzo is overseeing the renovation of the old church. His dream is to see it restored to its former glory. But his dream is becoming a nightmare. He’s begun to see horrific visions, unholy images of death and warnings of terrors to come. And within the church forgotten men fight to survive against impossible demons, while sides are drawn for the ultimate battle…

Leisure Horror Book Club Top of page


Dead Reckonings #2

A Review Magazine for the Horror Field, edited by S. T. Joshi and Jack Madison Haringa. 100 pages, 26,500 words & only $7.50--get one!

Issue 2 includes reviews of Sarah Langan's "The Keeper," Jack Ketchum's "Weed Species," Norm Partridge's "Dark Harvest," Peter Straub's "Sides," Neil Gaiman's "Fragile Things," and many more. Also includes a column by Stefan Dziemianowicz [1500 words]

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New to Horror Mall -- "The Saved" by Joe Hill
Brand new hardcover chapbook available in two states. Unsigned trade hardcover and a signed and numbered limited edition hardcover.

These edition were not available for sale individually you had to get them through a subscription.

Editions Available (Please choose under options below):

Trade Hardcover, and Signed and numbered limited edition hardcover

Get Yours!

Coming Soon -- Magazines!!! One-stop shopping is getting better with each update!
Available now: Dark Discoveries
A variety of issues from the first through #9 [Summer 2007]. The latest includes fiction from Tim Waggoner, Jay Lake, John Everson [plus interviews with these three authors], Eric Witchey, and C.N. Pitts. Non-fiction includes Charles Grant Tributes from Kealan Patrick Burke, Bob Booth and Christopher Golden. Cover art by Alan M. Clark and interiors by Brian Komm and Paul Groendes.

Check Them Out!

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