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Throughout the years, video game developers of different titles such as Forza Horizon have included cinematography techniques in creating film-like qualities the line between filmmaking and video games become a bit blurry as some shows and movies started to use video game technology.

Video Games and Cinematography

In any filmmaking process, cinematography always plays an integral part on it. Whenever you see this term, it’s always referring to the usage of various camera techniques in making the film look as close to reality as possible.

Despite the fact that video games are not filmed, there are game developers who are still using principles and techniques of cinematography in making the game more realistic and thus, improving the overall gaming experience. Some of the techniques and principles that video games used include but not limited to the following:

  • Bokeh
  • Aberration
  • Chromatic and;
  • Lens Curvature

In the latter, it plays an integral part in making sure that the images will not look distorted while the chromatic aberration is used to ensure that all colors used will blend smoothly. As for Bokeh, its job is to create a clear subject in view with blurry background to create an even more stunning cinematic effect.


These appear in several video games in between levels or after reaching certain points if triggered during gameplay. As the years pass, the cutscenes have taken a more film-like quality thanks to continuous development and innovation in cinematography techniques.

In addition to that, cutscenes can be pretty useful to keep players feeling immersed into the world of the game they are in. It lets them to learn more about their characters and help improve the game’s plot as well. To a certain point, the cut scenes can provide motivation and direction to why the characters need to perform a given task.


The narrative storytelling becomes a lot common among video games. Since games are using this kind of gameplay, they need to maintain the full attention of the players and thus, it is essential to have high-quality animation and graphics. In return, it helps in making the setting, characters and story as a whole more engaging.

Cinema-Like Video Games