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The specialization cinematography, photography, media has a study program specific to the vocational profile that aims to develop the artistic skills of the student, through the theoretical and practical study of specialized disciplines in the mentioned fields and training for professions in areas covered by film production, photography and television, as well as the advertising industry.

The field of art aims to promote the spirit of excellence and innovation, creativity and critical thinking, through individual and collective artistic creation.

The fundamentals of audiovisual language

The spoken language contains words, mathematical language is based on numbers and signs, and music. Generically, you are talking about specialized languages. It is natural that the visual arts also have their own compatibility language or, more precisely, several languages, given the fact that there is a very wide spectrum of visual arts. Thus, the elements of visual language constitute an alphabet of the visual arts and represent the specific means of communication. Without knowing this particular language, you will not be able to decipher the message conveyed by a work of visual art and you will not be able to create such a work yourself.


If the invention of printing potentiated abstract thinking, placing knowledge above spectacle and communication through printed text, contemporary media imposed the power of the image, with its concrete, special attributes, which abolish the content limits of communication. The photographic image provides us with the most advanced infrastructure for the transmission of complex, abstract, analytical information and includes the most important real and concrete data about every visible thing and every lived experience. It is obvious that in order to produce an image that integrates the most advanced and refined means of expression, codes or symbols or to be able to decode and understand the meanings or messages contained in an image, there must be a deep knowledge of the notions of aesthetics.

TV production management

Artistic television production is one of the most exciting areas of contemporary media. Making a quality media product, be it a documentary film, a report, a talk show or a cultural or entertainment show, involves many steps materialized in all three major stages of TV production: pre-production, production and post-production. Only by in-depth knowledge of these stages and by effective planning, gearing and control of every moment of TV production, the realization of the director’s idea in a superior TV product can have the expected success.

Cinematography, photography and media
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