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Cinematography editing evolution – From the early days of film making, an editor with an analog picture would edit that, physically cut every frame and sexy splice them together to make a whole. He was among the first to use the piecing together of scenes and shots, activity editing, to make the movie visually engaging. With the advances in technology and the inclusion of HD and digital cameras, filmmaking has come 180 degrees.

It can be edited by amateurs and professionals alike using software applications. The art and music hubs of LA and NYC are being expanded through the simplicity of tech resources that are available to even the most amateur of filmmakers to areas of that nation. The art of editing is available to anyone with drive and the ambition to become cinema’s storyteller.

Film editing is unique to a theater and is the art of storytelling. An editor is responsible for the cohesiveness of this story, the mood the pacing of this narrative, every sequence generates and is among the individuals in the final process. The editor oversees the product to make sure the vision of the director is being seen by that the viewer.