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Cinematography could be anything but ultimately, its goal is to capture different images. As a matter of fact, when trying to get real YouTube views, many editors and channel owners themselves are applying some sort of cinematography to make it look appealing and attractive when watched. Because at the end of the day, cinematography is to communicate different techniques that are used in capturing images that separate the amateurs from the pros.

Brief Definition of Cinematography

Technically speaking, cinematography is the science and art of recording light whether it is chemically onto the film stock or electronically via image sensor. It is understood as a way of encapsulating everything that has to do with the camera, the images it captures, its movement, the light it receives and many more.

The Responsibility of a Cinematographer

A cinematographer is otherwise referred to as director of photography or also DP or DoP. They are the leader that presides over the light crews and camera crews on a video or film production. In most cases, they’re involved throughout the whole production lifecycle and at the same time, liaise with the director to come up with images that are then seen by the audience.

What’s expected from a Cinematographer?

Truth is, there are many things that are expected from a cinematographer. They are normally in charge of the following:

  • Dissecting screenplay
  • Researching cinematic and film techniques that are related to the subject matter and eliciting the intended emotional response among audience
  • Creating floor plans, lighting diagrams and shot list
  • Managing light and camera crews
  • Making decisions regarding cinematic elements similar to lights, filters, lenses and several lighting/camera requirements
  • In charge of the aspect ratio, image contrast, digital effects as well as frame rates
  • Making decisions towards camera movements and techniques for film lighting to stimulate specific emotional responses from the audience

Well, in a nutshell, those are the job that cinematographers shall do. If they did their job right, then they can hit their ultimate goal for the project which is to tell a story, visually. This is the reason why the responsibility that falls upon a cinematographer’s shoulder is pretty huge.

How Crucial a Cinematographer’s Role is?