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In some cases, change doesn’t occur all at once, but instead in stages. The way you hear, write or learn, the way you do things, the way you observe your surroundings. The way you comprehend it. I personally think that it is education that is the most important tool in regards to shifting your outlook on life regardless of one’s IQ in free iq test instant result. A day might come when you recognize you no longer see things the same thing you did before.

The individual who obtained her degree is not the same person who timidly stepped into the amphitheater two years ago. Studying film or cinematography has totally changed how I see the world – here’s how I think it might alter your outlook too:

1. You’ll enjoy the cultural role of creativity

Now, you may be thinking, “there are several things that are more valuable than art!” This may be correct, but art permits humans to express themselves. It is also an informative tool that, when used properly, and for a great goal, permits us to train ourselves about problems we were oblivious of, or that we even considered useless.

2. You’ll get a deeper perception of other people

When you analyze the theory of cinematography, you allow your mind to see people in a different way. “Why did this person do this?” “How come that is their reaction?” You don’t only examine the technical side of making films (i.e. how technical decisions explain the sentiments of the characters); you study the person themselves.

3. You’ll view films and performs in an entirely distinctive way

Studying films has its advantages and disadvantages. It enables you to see things the common movie-goer or cinema fan will not pay attention to: metaphor, similarities between the characters… The disadvantage is that you see small mistakes, which you could not un-see.

5. You’ll discover the dark side of the media world

When you read the theory of cinema/theater, your view on societal problems and culture is transformed forever. It exposes your eyes to particular troubling facts, like the powerful presence of sexism, bigotry and homophobia, to name a few.

How Film and Cinematography Will Change Your Life