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Isn’t it nice to have a great video taken with your camera with the best lens for sony a6000? But even if you have the best gadgets around, it would be useless if you don’t follow simple tips to make your videos professional looking.

Every professional cinematographer do not just rely on a great editing software, they rely on the skills they have learned through the years and use it in every film they create. Get that cinematic effect in your videos with these simple guidelines.


Here are five ways to intantly make better videos.

1. Lighting. The most important factor in creating beautiful results in photography and cinematography. So consider natural lighting and lighting that you set up in the studio, there are factors that adds up to the beauty of your finished videos and photographs.

Learn the tips of good lighting and locking it down is the most important aspect. Window light is the best light for a run and gun, get it done, have it look amazing work. So you want to shoot near a window to receive more quality light. You don’t need fancy lights set up, just shoot near the window and you get nice effects you and your viewers will appreciate.

2. Proper Music and Sound. Having the right music and sound effects will 100 percent change the way people will look at your videos. If you use the wrong music for a great footage, that good footage will be rated not as good, or not as epic. So if you want to make a difference in your videos, choose the right song selection.

Match the visuals to the audio. It’s one thing to have great music, it’s another to edit to the beat. Have an ambient sound effects on top of the music selection.

3. Learn your software. Look up tutorials, watch different videos, attend seminars, buy training, find training, free training, get help from friends that know how to use the program better than you, ask questions. Do everything that you can to learn that software because that’s only going to help you when you are shooting in the field. Plan your shots ahead of time so that you know what to edit.

When you know your editing software as best as you possibly can, apart from the skills you have with the camera, it helps you figure out how to get the most of the footage that you just shot.

4. Add motion in your shot. This is probably one of the most overlooked things by people who are just starting or more beginners. Do not just set your camera out on a tripod and film. Static still shots are not giving you that cinematic effect. Motion in shots is so important. It could be the most mundane thing but if the camera is moving, it helps move the story along. More motion means more cinematic results.

5. Location and time of day. The rule of location and time a day is important even if you are just shooting in the four corners of the room. The angle of the shot, the time of day makes a whole lot of difference. As mentioned, there is better lighting when you choose to shoot near the window because you receive more light.

So next time you create your next window, consider these tips and for sure you are going to have the best quality video you’ve ever made.

How To Achieve Better Videos That Sell
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