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Cinematography as Career –

Behind the Scenes: – Film maker and director Ryan Richmond, what His secret? While in high school, this Washington D.C. pupil scored internships producing promos for a large and well-known media business. He thinks the best time to get going on professions that are cinematography is when you are a student. Any company is very likely to open doors Richmond supports. They are more easy to get when you are younger and more available. Richmond continued to make his presence. During his summers, he worked as a marketing partner. Camera work was provided by him on music videos and budget features. Freelancing was an extension, of course, he explains. I practiced what I had been learning in school.

Camera Rolling – Richmond is currently employed as a producer for Faith in the Hood, a documentary of faith-based rehab programs in Washington, D.C. It is a fantastic experience so far as learning how to create a subject matter that’s so touching. Probably among the best learning experiences of Richmond’s career thus far was employed as a camera intern. It was the classroom, declares Richmond. I received a backstage pass in exchange. Another highlight that he sites directed the film

Richmond does have one caveat about cinematography professions, though: Filmmaking professions aren’t for the faint of heart. It’s a tough business, he warns. Be ready to build up your way and pay your dues. With this filmmaker, however, the drawbacks are outweighed by the advantages. I like making imagery and telling stories, he shares. It’s well worth it if you are doing what you need to do. Finally, the guidance for filmmakers of Richmond is to get educated. School teaches you the technical facets of careers, which is beneficial once you’re out there in the area, he asserts.