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Many cinematographers believe that preservation of values is needed. All cinematographers must be the best actors on-set. They should set good examples to their crews. It is projected that many people will be interested with the art of cinematography thus it will continue to become a strong industry. Many people are eager to learn the craft. We see an increase in the demand for television and film content.

Cinematography is also influenced by the new innovations and technology every day. The technology used in this field gets more and more sophisticated advanced and complicated. However, it creates all kinds of possibilities and opportunities. In the future there will be interesting and exciting things ahead for cinematography. One is virtual reality. Someone will soon figure out how to use Virtual reality in a narrative form. This will be great for documentaries. It will immerse viewers in another part of the world. Despite this all they should learn to capture every viewers heart in their stories. Harry Potter films have great cinematography. Get to know which Harry Potter House you belong to by answering this simple quiz: https://quizlagoon.com/quiz/harry-potter-house-quiz-ravenclaw/

In the future cinematographers can create film in high quality hd. Better than the ones we have today. However, they should always look back to the traditional ways of cinematography technique like the following:

  • organize track
  • accurate shots
  • good lighting
  • inspired by classic cinematography approach

It is important that these traditions won’t disappear since it nice to tell stories this way. Cinematographers should always possess these qualities. It will help them tell their stories beautifully:

  • They should have good listening skills. A good film director should have a vision of the look and style of their film. Make sure to pay attention to this. As a cinematographer it is your job to paint and execute the directors vision. It should always match the vision of the director.
  • Learning the value of silence is also helpful.
  • Cinematographers should learn the value of patience.
  • Cinematographers should always be there for the story.
  • Learn to know who you are and where you come from.
  • Always collaborate with the crew.
  • Always choose the right camera for the job. And try to use new gears on set.
  • Be organized and learn to make a plan. It will help things and tasks flow smoother. This will also give you a better understanding of the film. Communicate this plan with your crew.\
  • Don’t be scared to try out new techniques. Share this to the crew as well. This will make you more valuable.
Qualities of a Good Cinematographer