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You might have watched hundreds or thousands of videos already. Some may have entertained you and some may have just bored you out and felt to have just wasted your time. And among videographers and moviemakers, the latter is what they are dreaded the most about. This always made them think of the most important facet of a video or film.

Well at times, what appears to be a simple question has the most complicated answer to come up with. For many, the answer would lie onto the movement. Video or film is a moving image format. This may seem to be pretty obvious but it is somewhat good to constantly remind yourself of what is being dealt with.

Basic Elements Comprised in a Video

There are all sorts of technical stuff that should be handled and considered when making a movie including but not limited to:

  • Focus
  • Exposure
  • Color
  • Lighting
  • Setting

But as moviemakers, the top priority should always fall on the movement. Movement has double meaning too.

  1. The physical movement of objects or camera within the frame and;
  2. Emotionally moving the audience

Moving within the Frame

Say that you are using a fixed camera, like on a tripod and there is no movement taking place in the frame, then what’s the point in shooting a video? Having said that, the first thing to be thought about as a moviemaker when you’re composing moving image is the subject’s movement within the frame.

Keep in mind, the way your subject moves within the frame is a significant part of how moving image story is being told.

So depending on what approach to use, you’ll give your audience with a different experience.

Moving Your Audience

Think of the way how your audience would feel as they watch someone walks toward the camera? They will most likely feel that it’s more personal, be more involved in the story or a bit intimidated. As a matter of fact, this is a basic action but still, moving the camera for about 90 degrees can make a huge difference on the audience’s perception on that frame.

As you master the two, it is all about marketing the video or movie and making it known to your market. The best thing to do this is to hire professionals or buy automatic likes on Instagram.

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