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Cinematography came from the Greek word “kinema” word meaning movement and motion and “graphein” meaning to record. It is the art of creating a film. It is the process of putting pictures into motion with the use of a recording light or any other electromagnetic radiation. People who are keen on doing cinematography are what we call Cinematographers. They make use of a lens to focus the reflection of light from objects into a real image.

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What is Cinematography?

10 Tips and Techniques for Aspiring Cinematographers

  1. Think outside the box. To be able to bring out the creativity in you, you have to get out of your comfort zone and think outside the box. Do not just go by the book and follow every aspect written, sometimes you have to experiment or do a trial and error so you could create something new.
  1. Movement in the frame. Coming up with a good strategy on where and how to insert cost-effective camera motions will be a big help to make the project to life. Knowing how to make use of your frame is very essential in this field.
  1. Being aware of the right gear for the job. You must have a vast knowledge of how to execute something out of the ordinary when requested by the director. Thus you have to be fully aware of the various types of cameras and lenses in order for you to be known by producers and more opportunities will come to you.
  1. Wise time management. You must always be prepared and must be knowledgeable on ins and outs which are why scheduling software will be beneficial for you. Make sure to coordinate scheduling with your AD team and go over it so you can be familiar with it.
  1. Know the story or script by heart. Keep in mind that you are not just a gearhead but also a person who collaborates in telling the story. Your creativity will affect the way how people are attracted to the film.
  1. Experiment with hard and soft light. Light effects influence people’s mood for they create several of feelings or emotions. In this type of experimentation, it is recommended you use a Fresnel for it will make it convenient for you to keep light from spilling and control the shadows.
  1. Make the right choice for location. If you are looking forward to having less work for you and your crew then be sure to choose the right location as the reflection of light changes as time goes by in every day of a year.
  1. Know how to manage your crew. If you want to be productive in your work do not just focus on the cinematic techniques but also on your personal skills as it is needed in handling your own crew. Crew members are most like to respect people who are clear and can make decisions fast. You must know how to manage their work well and be responsible enough.
  1. Have a wide understanding of modern drone technology. Learn how to invest on things that are needed and helpful for your job. Know when and how to use drones and what it can or cannot do so you can build a good relationship with the controlling it or what we call drone pilot.
  1. A good cinematographer knows when to end. Keep in mind that having a shorter and higher is more preferred and better than taking a few more shots which are irrelevant for people have an incredibly short attention span.


10 Tips and Techniques for Aspiring Cinematographers