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Businesses in the food industry will have a lot of things to go through in order to be successful. For restaurants, they would need commercial fridges to store good food and to keep it fresh as much as possible. And there’s another issue around marketing. For most of those in the restaurant business, they opt to hire an agency to do all the advertising work for them which includes capturing and filming food to look more enticing to customers.

In this post, here are a few tips when filming food for your business.

Natural Light Is Better

There is absolutely no significant difference when it comes to taking pictures of food and filming for a video. To make things fresh looking and as natural as it can be, make use of sunlight to illuminate your short film. A lot of light can look strange in the manner that they can emphasize the picture, the most basic thing is make use of natural light. Clearly, you want light whenever possible, so work on filming the food at day time when there is access to as much sunlight as possible.


If you need to transfer from other rooms you can look around and find a better spot that you can film. Having a couch in the background may look unusual. If you can’t get rid of the mess, find a perfect angle that will hide it.  You can use this creatively. Try shooting down from above.

Also, think about the outcome and feel how will it work with your recipe.

If you are making an ice cream cones then a rustic table will be better. In fact, wooden tables just look good for filming anything on. However, it will create a beautiful outcome. If you have a modern recipe then consider bright white tiles surface, and even a brushed metal. The surface you prefer to create your video with will have a beautiful outcome.

Be Inspired

There is a big number of food videos out there, but the best advice is to watch and learn. Watch how the video is edited. Look at the color and crop and learn to write some notes which sots you would like.

Tell a story

Telling a story is the key to any video. To keep people interested it needs some sort of narration. For a recipe this is simple. The construction of the meal is the story, but you must think about how you want to deliberate it, and also how long you want it to be. Make sure that what are you filming is direct to the point. You can add all the ingredients, at the very end. Reminder, these short videos people can play, pause and read what they want to, and you can add a link to a page for more info.

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Best tips for filming food
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