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It’s been so many months already since the COVID-19 pandemic forced millions of people all over the country to stay inside their homes. Sure, this community quarantine season foiled a lot of our plans for the whole summer as going to crowded places like the mall and park is prohibited, although abiding to this strict regulation is needed to keep everyone safe from the novel coronavirus.

However, if you are getting really bored by looking at every corner of your house to get through the day, there are many activities that you can do wherein you can be productive. If you find the world of cinema fascinating, then this could be the chance for you to dig into your untapped cinematography skills. Just get your laptop and cam recorder ready and ready your minds for some magical tutorial!

The Basic Stuff You Should Learn Before Getting Into Cinematography

First and foremost, you should learn about the concept of lighting. This is actually the vital part of cinematography, so you should get into some reading before you decide to get yourself into studying cinematography. Once you learn how to use light for your shots, then you can make any camera angles look amazing.

You may also want to start getting lighting gears for you to practice on inside your room. Start with the most basic gears and see if you can make different shots look unique by playing with the lights. Through practice and reading, you can perfect this aspect of cinematography. Check out the books about lighting like “Set Lighting Technicians Handbook” and “Film Lighting: Talks With Hollywood’s Cinematographers.” These books sound way too advanced for a beginner like you, but you will find some of the chapters there to be really insightful. You can also check out lie detector test uk prices if you are already using the web to search for nice gears for shooting.

Along the way, you can start making your very own spec works right in your own backyard. Make use of your house’s limited space to contain all the ideas in your head. This is a good way to get your creative juices flowing to improve your cinematography potential. Just take note of the responsibilities of a cinematographer and apply them to your own little projects.


Make The Most Out Of The Quarantine Period By Practicing Your Cinematography Skills At Home