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We could argue if it is harder or easier to get young cinematographers now to exhibit their work to a broad audience. Whichever point of view all of us chooses, we could agree on something — it is definitely quite different now than it was 20 or even 30 decades back. At a movie by Cooke OpticsTV, a number of the planet’s most renowned cinematographers share the benefits and pitfalls of becoming a young cinematographer now.


  • You are young: based on Paul Cameron, the benefit to being young is that — you are young. I feel that indicates you have more power to generate a bid to climb to the very best and triumph.
  • Editing tools are somewhat more accessible: another benefit youthful cinematographers have now is that whatever can be obtained. You’re able to produce a 4K video right on your mobile phone, move it into the computer instantly and do all of the essential editings directly following the shooting. A number of decades back, Nokia even conducted a contest for small movies created by mobile phones.
  • Video gear is significantly more readily available: that the option of the gear can be much bigger now, and movie recording devices are just accessible to more individuals. This usually means that it is easier for people that have an idea to make something and discuss it with the entire world.
  • It is simpler to reach individuals: if you’re a cinematographer nowadays, it’s a lot more likely you will find the message out than it ever was. Even in the event that you don’t achieve the broader audience right away, you will find many stations you may use to exhibit your job, reach individuals, and develop an audience. That is an additional thing veteran cinematographers did not have.


The most important drawback is in a way linked to the benefits, and it is the subject of accessibility: accessibility raises rivalry. While access to video gear and editing programs can be a fantastic thing, in precisely exactly the exact identical time, it may also be a drawback. Wider accessibility means more individuals can and wish to become more cinematographers. Since Roberto Schaefer points out, everybody believes they’re a cinematographer (photographers, so does that seem familiar?). This usually means that the contest is a lot larger, and it might be more challenging to find focus, showcase your own work to a larger audience, and attain success.

Ultimately, the interviewed videographers counsel the young ones to perform, to research from the professionals from their own expertise, and to perform their very best. Since Paul Cameron indicates — great cinematographers do climb to the surface.

What do you believe? Is it harder or easier to get young cinematographers to have noticed? What do you believe are the benefits and pitfalls of becoming a young cinematographer now? And what about the picture? Is it true that access to cameras makes it easier and more challenging to get discovered? We’d really like to hear your own ideas.


What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Young Cinematographers Today?