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“I am Iron Man!” that rings so loudly in a Marvel fan’s ear. Because hello, that is Tony Stark we are talking to!


Marvels Cinematic Universe!— I can definitely see fans waving their hands up high! As the newest Marvels movie take its release a few days ago, there is only one question people on the internet are so hooked up to— a film review!


If you have watched Avengers Endgame already you are probably satisfied not only with the fighting scenes, plot twists, and heart-wrenching stories but as well as with its amazing cinematography. In fact, this is one of the most reasons why a Marvel fan is a fan— they make sure you do not leave the cinema hanging!


Agree with me? Well, that’s not just it! Here are a few reasons why you should be watching Avengers Endgame today!


Why Watch Avengers Endgame?


If you are an avid Marvel fan you probably know what it felt like to watch all those Avengers movies, go through sequels, read for fan theories and predictions. But how about if you are someone who is in dire need of convincing?


Take this question as bases “what’s in Marvel that you shouldn’t love?”. The answer— nothing! Everything about Avengers is to love… like Spiderman’s new armor suit or Thor’s new Stormbreaker. Basically, every bit of it.


But that is not the only thing we’re talking here. Check below for more!

1. The Fighting Scenes are Amazing


The movie’s cinematography is exactly the perfect fighting scene you can ever dream of. Marvel Cinematic Universe definitely put up a lot of effort, you say years of effort, to pull off such extreme and amazing fighting scenes.


2. Twist of Plot


One thing that excites fans during the Endgame is that they were definitely caught off guard— or to say the least they were unprepared for the ending. The fans hadn’t seen it coming. Not to spill the beans, the twist of turn that happened in the Endgame is definitely something to look forward to— to those who haven’t watch it yet.


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Why You Should Watch Avengers Endgame
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