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Cinematography is usually defined as “the art and technology of creating motion pictures.” It involves multiple cinematic elements, like scene composition, also referred to as mise-en-scène; choice of the camera together with lenses, filters, and stock if shooting on actual film; camera movement and camera angles; the lighting setup for every shot; and potentially the inclusion of tricks.

There are many important things that you’ll know and equip yourself with so as to induce started within the field. But to actually become a cinematographer, you’ll need over just the gear and technical know-how. Other than skillfully operating a camera and fixing the lighting for each scene, it involves controlling what the viewer sees and the way the image is presented to them — by choosing the proper shooting techniques that best tell the story.

Cinematography is that the art of visual storytelling. With some basic knowledge of composition and scene construction, you’ll plan scenes using this visual language. learn the way different shots work together to make a clear, cohesive narrative and the way to compose each shot in a way that’s visually pleasing for the viewer. Understanding these simple rules will help make your films more thrilling and fascinating.

But another definition is that without cinematography, there’s no flick. A Screenwriter might create the story and a Director may guide how the Actors perform, but it’s the Cinematographer who permanently captures that story and also the actors in it. However, the cinematography is such a lot over just recording what happens on location or a sound stage. it’s a language that’s not spoken but seen. At its core, the cinematography is that the visuals that support the story being told.

Not only do those visuals show the audience what’s happening from scene to scene, but they even have the power to influence their response to what they’re seeing.

The script is that the foundation because it defines the emotional arc of the story and each character’s emotion. Everything is driven by character emotion.


Cinematography Basics