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The horror genre is movies and books...but that's not all. The genre includes artistic talent on many levels, including drawn/painted/etc. Just as imagination is required for reading and watching - it is a 'must' for applying the genre to a canvas!! We obviously [see image at right] cannot draw, paint, or do much beyond our lovely graphics programs - so we have created this area for those that can, do, or just enjoy!!

All © copyrights belong to the artist!! Do NOT 'borrow', claim, or otherwise reproduce any of this art without express written permission from the artist. We also claim no rights any of their work...

#1: The Horror-Web cannot [nor does it wish to] control the artists' individual sites or creations, and guarantee NO pg13 beyond this page. We will cover this area of the genre in a pg13 manner, but if you visit their home page know that you may run into stronger material... and like it!
#2: When we are currently promoting a specific artist or comic, or running a contest, it will always be on the bottom of this page and given it's own section - otherwise you can find EVERYONE in the 'Big List' in the left column... * = contest

Jill Bauman | Jason Beam | Steve Gilberts | Keith Minion | Dan Moran | Alan M. Clark | Nightmare Girls | Zach Pennington | Chad Savage

Dark Horse | Creep! Entertainment | Dr. Shroud

   Jill Bauman

Jill has been an illustrator for over 25 years. In that time she has produced hundreds of illustrations, covers for horror, mystery, fantasy, science fiction and mass market books, as well as interiors for books and magazines. Jill has been nominated for the World Fantasy Award 5 times and for the Chesley Award several times. Her art has been exhibited at the Delaware Art Museum, the Moore College of Art, and the NY Illustrators Society 4 times.

Recently, Jill completed the cover for an anthology titled, Dark Arts edited John Pelan for Cemetery Dance Publications. She is currently working on a new project of her own titled, Nighthings, in which she explores a new technique that combines painting and clay.

Writing poetry and fiction is something she has done for herself, but she now feels it’s time to share those efforts with others. Jill’s poems have been published in Weird Tales Magazine, Silver Web magazine, Flesh and Blood magazine and Inhuman magazine.

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The Thing on the Doorstep

Rats in the Walls

The Montawk Book of the Dead

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   Jason Beam

The nightmarish visions that Jason Beam creates are best described as “...sensual goth, elegant horror and cryptically surreal” (Pandora Magazine). The illustrative story-telling of classic macabre tales has etched Jason's style into the minds of many.

His work has been featured in numerous publications, such as Peterson’s PhotoGraphic, Dark Realms, Digital Imaging, Obskure, Ravenous, Rue-Morgue, Design News Week and the Big Book of Photography. Jason’s talents have been displayed at the Echo Gallery in Chicago, IL, Galerie Luna in Salem, MA, the Renaissance 2K Traveling Exhibition, the 2000 & 2001 Cannes Film Festival, and his lovely “Joan of Arc” piece is on permanent display at the Centre Jeanne D’Arc Museum in Orleans, France.

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Bloody Mary


Midsummer's Eve
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  Steve Gilberts

Once upon a time at a convention art show, an attendee exclaimed while looking at a Steve Gilberts' painting, "oh, that just gives me the creeps". Steve, who was lurking nearby, smiled to himself as he heard the statement.

Steve has been pursuing his artist calling since his college days in the early 1980's. In the mid 1990's he began showing his work at the regional science fiction/fantasy conventions. It was at one of these conventions that he had the great fortune to meet Alan Clark, who pointed him to the darker side of art.

In 2003 Steve took the plunge into the small press industry. His work can be seen in such publications as Dark Wisdom Magazine, Cthulhu Sex Magazine, Cemetery Dance and Apex Digest.

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Brothel Cellar near Dunwich


Dunwich County Fair

Good Morning
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  Keith Minion

Keith Minnion has sold horror, sf and dark suspense illustrations professionally since 1991. He has done covers for Cemetery Dance Publications, Ash-Tree Press, Biting Dog Publications, and Arkham House, with more on the horizon. Magazine illustrations number in the hundreds. He has also sold stories to Asimovís, MZB Fantasy Magazine, Dragon, and Cemetery Dance, among others. Keith is currently at work on a series of gallery oil paintings unrelated to the horror genre. He is also currently working on two novels, two childrenís picture books, and a small publishing venture called White Noise Press. A single dad with two children, he is a former public school teacher, and an officer in the United States Navy. He currently manages several logistical support programs for the Department of Defense.

Official Site!!

Children of Epiphany

Extremes 5

Hallows Eve

Jack in Wethersfield
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  Dan Moran

Dan Moran is a self-taught artist who has been drawing as long as he can remember. He was born in Connecticut, moved to Maine when he was 10 years old, and moved to Vermont when he was 17 to attend Goddard College, from which he graduated in 1992 with a B.A. in Liberal Arts (concentration in metaphysics). He spent a year in San Francisco in a Ph.D. program in Philosophy and Religion at the California Institute of Integral Studies, focusing on Tibetan Buddhism. He did not enjoy California (mainly because of the lack of snow and cold, which he enjoys very much), and so returned to Vermont to start a new graduate program at Vermont College of Norwich University. He earned his M.A. in Philosophy and Religion from Norwich in 1995. Dan has worked with many mediums, including acrylic and oil paint, stone and clay sculpture, collage, etching, and of course drawing. Drawing is his favorite, and his weapon of choice is the black ball-point pen. Dan also does calligraphy, preferring ball-point or felt-tip pens for this (rather than calligraphy pens). He has done a large number of commissioned portraits and a few commissioned creative pieces, has painted some signs with both images and lettering, and has designed a number of T-shirts. His work has twice been featured in the magazine Cthulhu Sex, and also appears in some other underground horror magazines and on the CDs of some black-metal bands. Danís other interests include history, geography, travel, poetry, and literature. He has taught himself how to play guitar, taught himself German, and with his girlfriend has been learning to sail for a few years. He has recently taken up fencing and skiing. Dan currently works as an editor of medical journals at Capital City Press in Barre, and supplements his income by freelance editing and proofreading, as well as by art commissions and by modeling.

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   Alan M. Clark

Alan M. Clark has been a free lance illustrator for over 20 years and has produced work ranging in subject matter from fantasy, science fiction, horror, and mystery for publishers of fiction, to cellular and molecular biology for college text books.

He is the force behind
IFD publishing which has released some of the following: Bedtime Stories to Darken Your Dreams which is designed and illustrated by Clark and Escaping Purgatory, Fables in Words and Pictures which is a collection of Clark's collaborations with Gary Braunbeck.

Clark's recent illustration work includes his new color art book The Paint in My Blood, the childrens book The Halloween Mouse by Richard Laymon and illustrations for his novel with Jeremy Robert Johnson, Siren Promised, published by Bloodletting Press.

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Quietly Now

Siren Promised

The Smell in the Air
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  Nightmare Girls

Amy is a space-alien-robot-zombie-dinosaur girl, whose art reflects her total immersion in horror movies, pin-up and lowbrow. In her pop surrealist style, she transmits a lurid beauty found in strength, intellect and empowerment. Recurring themes are feisty "nightmare girls", devilry, the sinister and supernatural.

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Ghost Seer

Possession Illustration

Nightmare Girl
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  Zach Pennington

The graphic and sometimes sordid visions that Zachary Pennington creates can best be described as "frankensteinian thematic, with yet an eery softness, and a suave romanticism that impregnates each image. Instilled by the aging of the denatured colors and of the peeling texture of the artwork.

I've been doing photography for about 12 years now, and photomanipulation for 6. It's something that I find comes completely natural to me. My work has graced a few publications to include, Parable Visions, Cthulu Sex, Insidious Reflections, to name a few. And have done work for bands like Through the Eyes of The Dead, 1931, and Must...Not....Kill to name a few.

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  Chad Savage

Chad Savage is one of those artists for whom it's "in the blood." His parents told him he was drawing before he could walk, and what he was drawing concerned them. Monstrous themes have always prevailed in his art; his mother once asked him why he couldn't draw something "happy" for a change. Little Chad shortly presented her with a drawing of a witch, ghost and vampire... all smiling.

There has been conjecture that Chad's disturbing imagery is due to the fact that he was raised Southern Baptist. That his parents were both dead by his 20th year. That his first year of college was in Los Angeles after growing up for 17 years in The South.

The simple fact is that he's always loved Halloween more than Christmas. ALWAYS. Artistically speaking, he didn't become the artist he is today. He always was the artist he is today. He just got better at it.

Chad has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in illustration and advertising art from the University of North Texas. These days, that and a buck-fifty will get you a cup of coffee.

He makes his living through his long-standing website SinisterVisions.com and its several ancilliary projects, doing art and design work in print, web, sound and any other media he can get his sweaty little hands on.

Official Site!!

Looking for Linus

Pandemonium Grave Gollum

You Don't Scare Jack

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   Dark Horse Comics

"Mike Richardson is not only creating some of the most fun and popular entertainment available todayĖheís also helping other immensely talented people realize their dreams by bringing their best work to the forefront of the entertainment industry."

Founded by Mike Richardson in 1986 this independant company went up against the likes of Marvel and DC and succeeded! Recognized as the leading publisher of licensed comics, they have great success with comics based on popular properties including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Aliens. Original works that have found a home here include Steve Niles , Mike Mignola's "HellBoy", and many more.

For more information or to get copies check out the Official Site

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   Creep! Entertainment

Hells Bells! Can you imagine a more twisted pairing?? Rob Zombie and Steve Niles... playing together... on purpose?? Well you better believe it, and buckle up for the ride!

Teaming up with Dark Horse Comics the two are going to be releasing their first creative offspring "The Nail," due out in June 2004 . And through IDW Publishing, Creep! will bring their second project, "Bigfoot" to the world.

BUT... just when you got cozy with the idea that these two masters of the macabre would be doing comics together, it gets better! They plan on tackling a number of industries under the Creep production company - comics, films, music, and books... no realm of the genre is safe!

While colaborating in their dark world, the two will remain seperate for personal projects... so no, you won't see a likeness of Rob in any Cal comics, and we highly doubt that Steve will be doing a cameo in Ho1C-2...

Are you drooling yet? Well, wipe it off and get your milk money ready... Creep! Entertainment is pounding down the door and demanding your attention - in blood!

For more info - Creep! Entertainment International ... coming soon

Photo of the boys borrowed from Comic Book Resources
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   Dr. Shroud

At the end of 2001, Robert Feldman strayed from the traditional print comics he had worked with since 1997, and moved to the Internet. He created Flash animated serials featuring his character, Dr. Shroud. Flash being well known and used, Feldman allowed viewers to vote what would happen next ... Hit play and join in the fun of a modern day, 'Choose your own Adventure'!
psst... no Flash, no Fun - get it here!

Official Website
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