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If you’re aiming to hire a video production company for your business, it’s important to know which type of technician you’re hiring – a videographer or cinematographer?

Understanding the difference between videography vs. cinematography, and hiring the proper professional, are crucial elements of selling success. The brand image you wish to form of your company or the way you would like the marketing message to be conveyed to your customers can play a pivotal role in the success of your business. While the work of both cinematographers and videographers may involve essentially filming with a camera, there’s a marked difference between the way it’s done by a videographer and a cinematographer. Let’s understand more.

Otherwise called the administrators of photography, they’re professionals hired by movie production houses to orchestrate and execute the director’s vision and take it to the subsequent level.

Using suitable technical instruments is vital to capturing the frames perfectly, and to remarkably impact the way the audience perceives, interprets, and connects with the story or presentation. Each and each decision was taken by the cinematographer has got to be in line with the story and should align correctly with what the director is trying to portray and convey. The cinematographer usually works or leads an enormous team consisting of a lensman, light assistants, etc., and is answerable for translating the director’s idea into images that will capture the audiences’ attention and interest. Cinematographers don’t seem to be usually involved in editing and post-production activities.

Videographers, on the opposite hand, function essentially as a one-man army who is hired to hide and film events like weddings, interviews, conferences, and other activities. Working alone or with a tiny low team, they sometimes operate the camera, arrange sound, select the situation, capture the event end to finish, and finish it up with editing.

The New Breed – The DSLR-graphers
Features and innovations that provide DSLR cameras with movie-like video shooting capabilities have made many embrace this as a hobby or perhaps a significant profession.

A lot of videographers value more highly to shoot events with DSLR cameras because it provides movie-like quality and effects. With the boom within the demand for wedding photography and couples choosing a giant, lavish wedding, the requirement for wedding videographers has increased.

Unlike movie cameras, in DSLR video cameras, it’s impossible to hide the entire event. So, the DSLR-using videographers resort to capturing the highlights of the event and make a brief film spanning 15-20 minutes with added narration or background music. These new-age professionals seem to be creating a bridge between the standard cinematographers and videographers, creating a brand new space for themselves.


The Differences Between the Videography and Cinematography: